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post-all-nighter figure drawing x_x

emogoddess666 said: I'm only a high school sophomore, but I have already begun studying and working for CalArts character animation admissions. I'm not advanced or old enough to ask for portfolio or art quality advice, but is there some way for me to contact the school with a friendly "hi, I'm interested!" kind of letter? Or does that come off as pretentious? Thanks!

hello!! high five on having your heart set on a program so early!

i think anyone is advanced and old enough to ask for portfolio advice, & the sooner you receive it (especially from admissions counselors — jdamazo@calarts.edu for film/video) the more time you’ll have to improve & get a sense of what they’re looking for and whether your goals match theirs.

i’m not sure how that would come off, but i know admissions counselors are very eager to help future applicants — i toured calarts in sophomore year, went to portfolio day junior year, and asked for portfolio advice/review senior year from the same counselor (then andrew ahn) each time, & not sure if he remembered me but it was nice to have a relationship with someone here who will saw me at different stages of development (art- and maturity-wise…) & could give me specific advice for each step along the way!!

my first cg animation… can i sleep now

calarts orientation day 2…

very important study (from this post)

very important study (from this post)

coworkers ~_~

after a shameless shirokuma café marathon

after a shameless shirokuma café marathon